Empire’s Rebirth

Outside of the Crossworld Union, strange things live and die on worlds beyond human understanding.  Those daring enough to leap blindly through Afflatus are often driven mad by the lands they discover, making such forays incredibly dangerous.

But rumors persist of another empire, hidden in the furthest reaches of reality, an empire possessing technology and magic beyond anything the Union could dream of.  It is said that these worlds are guarded by powerful automatons.

And it is said that with the right keys, these automatons can not only be disabled…they can be controlled.  Chasing these rumors, three unlikely allies converge.

Asmodeus, a powerful demon wearing a stolen body.  With no memories or morals of his own, he is guided by a voice within his head as he seeks those who can explain his past.

Alteris, outcast member of a genetically engineered race of supersoldiers.  Driven by his conscience, he seeks the power to end his people’s imperial intentions once and for all.

Min, daughter of the vampire queen. She seeks the power to drive the Crossworld Union away from her home, to grant freedom to those dangerous races the Union Security Forces have ghettoized ‘for the greater good’.


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